The Break-Up

Genres: Comedy, Romance
Release Date: May 22, 2006
Runtime: 1h46m
Certification: PG-13 – Parents Strongly Cautioned

Director: Peyton Reed
Music: Jon Brion

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Cohabitating couple Gary and Brooke find their once-blissful romance on the rocks when petty spats about lemons and dirty dishes mushroom into an all-out battle for custody of their upscale Chicago condo. An escalating argument ensues as Gary and Brooke continue to live under the same roof, all while cooking up schemes to drive each other off the premises.

Country: United States
Tags: bowling, chicago, american football, flat, baseball, new love, tour guide, break-up, art gallery, argument, pool table, watching tv, ex boyfriend ex girlfriend relationship, dinner party, condominium

Director of Photography: Eric Alan Edwards


ZapMovies November 08, 2016
ZapMovies's Rating: INTERESTING
Jennifer Aniston falls out of love with Vince Vaughn and provides some laughs along the way. Trailer:

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