Modern Family

Genre: Comedy
First Air Date: September 23, 2009
Episode Runtime: 25m
Show Status: Returning Series
8 Seasons / 177 Episodes

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Modern Family

Modern Family stars the Pritchett-Dunphy-Tucker clan, a wonderfully large and blended family. Together these three families give us an honest and often hilarious look into the sometimes warm, sometimes twisted, embrace of the modern family.

Created by Steven Levitan, Christopher Lloyd

Season 8 (2016) - 11 Episodes

Season 7 (2015) - 22 Episodes

Season 6 (2014) - 24 Episodes

The honeymoon is over, but the laughs continue in season six of Modern Family. As freshly hitched Cam and Mitch acclimate to the realities of wedded bliss, Phil and Claire find their marriage stressed by annoying neighbors, Thanksgiving dinner gone awry and Claire's online snooping. Meanwhile, a spy-camera drone wreaks havoc in Jay and Gloria's backyard and a close call on the highway leads to amusing changes in various members of the Pritchett-Dunphy clan.

Season 5 (2013) - 24 Episodes

Wedding bells are ringing in season five of Modern Family. As Cam and Mitchell bicker over plans for their big day, the rest of the family has its hands full adapting to new jobs, new schools, and a new male nanny. There are babysitting disasters, an anniversary to celebrate, misguided male bonding, and everything from high-stakes poker to high-maintenance in-laws.

Season 4 (2012) - 24 Episodes

With Jay and Gloria's baby on the way and Haley going off to college, the entire Pritchett-Dunphy clan faces some major surprises as they bicker and bond over house-flipping headaches, unwanted play dates, and everything from hot-tempered hormones to in utero karaoke.

Season 3 (2011) - 24 Episodes

As the extended Pritchett-Dunphy clan faces an uproariously unpredictable array of family vacations, holiday hassles, troublesome in-laws, and surprising secrets, they still somehow manage to thrive together as one big, loving family a even as they drive each other absolutely insane!

Season 2 (2010) - 24 Episodes

While fledgling fathers Cameron and Mitchell struggle with learning the ropes of parenthood, long-time parents Claire and Phil try to keep the spice in their marriage amid the chaos of raising three challenging children. Meanwhile, family patriarch, Jay, has more than his hands full with his sexy, spirited wife, Gloria, and her sensitive son.

Season 1 (2009) - 24 Episodes

Modern Family takes a refreshing and funny view of what it means to raise a family in this hectic day and age. Multi-cultural relationships, adoption, and same-sex marriage are just a few of the timely issues faced by the show’s three wildly-diverse broods. No matter the size or shape, family always comes first in this hilariously “modern” look at life, love, and laughter.


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